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Advance research with data.

Benefits we offer

Access to research collaborators and data

Expertise in study design and process management

Legal help with research governance

Help identifying funding sources

Current research opportunities

Collaborate in groundbreaking research.

These research initiatives welcome new participants, including Northeastern’s learners.

Access open-source data.

We can connect you with clinical databases for normal and disease cohorts worldwide, or help you share and manage your data.  

Find a paid research assignment.

Explore opportunities for joining a grant-funded project.

Chart your own postdoc journey.

Work and study with us, propose a project, or apply for a tenure-track position. Read about postdocs working with OHDSI.

Make the most of your sabbatical.

Draw on the expertise, data, and resources of the OHDSI Center, the Roux Institute, and Northeastern University.

Find relevant data and collaborators.

Need help meeting your research goals? Connect with our faculty and other collaborators, organizations, and resources. 

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