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Christian Reich

Executive Director, OHDSI Center at the Roux Institute

Additional Titles:

  • Professor of Practice, Bouvé College of Health Sciences
  • Principal Investigator, OHDSI
  • Lead, OHDSI Common Data Model and Oncology Work Group


Christian Reich is a physician-informaticist with deep expertise in ontology and data model development, oncology research, and building open study networks for real-world evidence (RWE). He is a principal investigator of OHDSI and served as program manager and principal investigator at OMOP. Reich is responsible for the design and construction of the OMOP Standardized Vocabularies and leads the Common Data Model Working Group. 

Reich holds his MD and doctorate from the Medical University of Lübeck, Germany, where his research focused on T-cell activation and regulation. His training includes a bachelor’s degree in preclinical training from Humboldt University in Berlin. He was a practicing physician in Berlin and Ulm, Germany before moving to the European Bioinformatics Institute to work on the Human Genome Project. In 1998, he joined the biotech industry, where in various positions he took on challenges in drug research and development, such as gene sequence and expression analysis, clinical trial design and analysis, systems biology, and outcomes research, applying computational methods to large-scale biological data. 

As a professor of the practice, Reich brings more than 20 years of experience in life sciences research and medicine to Northeastern. He also serves as a vice president of real-world technology for IQVIA, a life sciences data analytics company, where he is responsible for building open OHDSI study networks for RWE generation as a service, including enabling technology solutions. 

Ask him about:

  • RWE ontologies
  • data model design
  • oncology
  • Northeastern’s OHDSI Lab
  • jobs at IQVIA, including co-ops 
Christian Reich

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