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Andrew Williams

Director of Research (Intermural Focus), OHDSI Center at Northeastern’s Roux Institute

Additional Titles:

  • Director of Research (Intermural Focus), OHDSI Center at Northeastern’s Roux Institute 
  • Professor of Practice, Bouvé College of Health Sciences 
  • Co-Investigator, Informatics Core, Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute, Tufts Medical Center 


Andrew Williams is a biostatistician and principal investigator whose work in distributed research networks has included informatics development. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. 

Williams holds a primary appointment at Tufts University, where his roles include serving on the research faculty at the Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies and oversight of research informatics infrastructure at Tufts Medical Center and its Clinical and Translational Science Institute, of which Northeastern University is a member. He co-leads OHDSI’s Oncology Working Group and contributes to several others. 

Williams’ research focuses on learning healthcare systems and methods of developing evidence-based quality metrics and applied, advanced research methods. His goal is to shift organizations’ quality-improvement focus from conforming with recommended processes to exploring their impact on health outcomes. He is also spearheading the use of pragmatic trials to compare care delivery options. This work integrates trial recruitment and monitoring within routine care and assesses the effectiveness of health-behavior interventions under real-world conditions, outside of clinical settings. 

As a professor of practice and director of research at the OHDSI Center, Williams is spearheading the development of several large, multi-institutional research grants in support of the OHDSI community. He works closely with the Roux Institute’s computational medicine team and is developing partnerships to scale Northeastern’s connectivity with the Tufts CTSI. Williams is a co-investigator on the National Institutes of Health NCATS National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) and Center for Data to Health (CD2H), which create and share research resources across a consortium of Clinical and Translational Science Award hubs. 

Ask him about:

  • learning healthcare systems
  • OHDSI tools
  • N3C
  • Tufts CTSI
  • waveforms 
Andrew Williams

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